5 Most Popular Water Treatment Systems

1. Water Softeners. No surprise here. The first water softener technology was developed in 1903 and now thought of as a home essential on nearly every type of water. Hard water deposits hardness on everything it passes through and ruins water using appliances over time.
2. Water Conditioners. Also called “Multistage” or “All-In-One” systems, water conditioners are typically softeners with a additional, separate system built into the same tank. For well water, the best conditioners are iron filters+sediment filters+softeners+disinfection systems(62APQ System). For city water, the best conditioners are chlorine removal systems+softener+disinfection systems(63BEQ, 62AMQ Systems).
3. Reverse Osmosis. Used to remove dissolved solids from water, high-quality reverse osmosis systems will remove about 97% of all solids from your water. Other than removing living organisms, ROs are a great water purification product.
4. Ultraviolet Lights. Used to kill bacteria, UV Lights are great for handling any harmful bacteria that can infest your well. Honestly, a water conditioner, a reverse osmosis and a uv light together would be an ideal water system setup for most well water households in the United States.
5. Iron Filters. Made a little less popular with the advent of the water conditioner, iron filters are still relevant in extreme cases of both ferrous iron or ferric iron.

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