5 Reasons to Call a Water Professional

1. Odor in the water. Whether it smells like rust, iron, sulfur, fertilizer or something even worse, odor can often be a very clear indicator that something is wrong with your water. With multiple substances having similar smells, it’s imperative to conduct a series of water tests to properly diagnose the problem. Rather than spend money on a bunch of testing supplies, get a free test from a water professional.

2. Staining on plumbing and appliances. It’s not uncommon to experience staining on both city or municipal and well water. On city water, it can be caused by anything from polyphosphates, hardness and iron to failed plumbing or filtration equipment. On well water, identifying staining can help identify pesky problems like iron and iron algae, as well as harmful issues like bacteria. It may be time to call a water professional.
3. Deposits on plumbing and appliances. Notice white, rock-like deposits on your plumbing, appliances and water fixtures? This may be calcium, magnesium, lime or another mineral. The best way to get to the bottom of it is to have your water tested.
4. Any type of taste. High-quality drinking water should have little to no taste, so if the water you’ve been drinking tastes unique, it would be in your best interest to get it tested.
5. Color in the water itself. This might seem a little obvious, but it’s shocking how many people will put up with yellow, orange or even brown water without exploring how to fix the problem. THIS IS NOT OK! If your water is anything but crystal clear, schedule a water test with a local professional as soon as possible.

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