5 Most Popular Water Treatment Systems

1. Water Softeners. No surprise here. The first water softener technology was developed in 1903 and now thought of as a home essential on nearly every type of water. Hard water deposits hardness on everything it passes through and ruins water using appliances over time. 2. Water Conditioners. Also called “Multistage” or “All-In-One” systems, water conditioners are typically softeners with a additional, […]

5 Reasons to Call a Water Professional

1. Odor in the water. Whether it smells like rust, iron, sulfur, fertilizer or something even worse, odor can often be a very clear indicator that something is wrong with your water. With multiple substances having similar smells, it’s imperative to conduct a series of water tests to properly diagnose the problem. Rather than spend money on a bunch of testing supplies, get […]

3 Myths About Iron Algae

When you find that you have an iron algae or iron bacteria problem, the first inclination for most of us is to fix the problem ourselves. These are the myths about iron algae that I see in terms of people unsuccessfully resolving an iron algae or iron bacteria problem: Solving the problem via chlorination Removing iron algae or iron bacteria […]